Abby Boland a Cubs Story

Friendship 4_00001.jpg

I first trialed for the Cubs program in 2017 but unfortunately missed out and then came back and re-trialed in 2018 and was selected.


Missing out the first time gave me an idea of how much harder to work to improve to gain selection in 2018. During the year we had multiple sessions with the Panthers coaches and gained great experience, knowledge and skills from the team, Whilst receiving a different perspective from each of them to help us develop.


Our fitness sessions were always different from the basic running and passing, Though often included a variety of other fitness types, swimming and footwork for both fitness and strength. We also participated in many creative and challenging games to make us work and think. One very helpful thing we did was match play to put the skills we learnt throughout the session into play,


While we were given examples of when to use the practiced skills to improve our personal and team game. It was also great to learn from the Panthers players and learn about their experience and skills they have gained from their participation in the Ruby series.


Overall throughout my two years within the Cubs program I learnt many new skills and improved my game massively from the experience and knowledge from the coaches and panthers players involved.