Allegra Daveson A Cub Driven by Passion and Commitment

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Hi, my name is Allegra Daveson and I have been a Panthers Cub for 3 years. I remember  the disappointment I felt when I wasn’t selected in my first cubs trials. The sinking feeling of waiting for your name then realising wasn’t going to come. I was over the moon when I  received an email from Bec a few days later inviting me to become a Cub. 

Living two hours south of Toowoomba I was unaware of the opportunities available and the standard of netball that I was introduced to at Cubs. I had so much to learn. The coaches were amazing with their constant encouragement and explanation of foreign terminology (E.G: Prelims). Every drill we were given was new to me and I felt hopeless, but I practiced and practised at home, and now have more confidence. The sessions still are tough and exhausting but I love every minute of it. 

My fellow Cubs are arguable as important as the coaches. That first year I didn't know anyone but I was still a part of the squad. The opportunity to train with like minded, driven girls encouraged us all to reach our potential. 

My time as a Cub has taught me a lot about netball and my next goal is to be a Panther. If at first I don't succeed, I know I just have to work harder for the next trials.