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Barastoc Poultry announces its sponsorship of the Darling Downs Panthers


One of Australia's premier poultry feed producers, Barastoc, has announced its support and sponsorship of Darling Downs Panthers (DDP) for 2021.


Barastoc Poultry has a long-standing connection to the Darling Downs region with a feed mill located in Toowoomba, Qld. 'We believe in supporting regional and rural communities and we are proud to continue to show our support through our sponsorship of the DDP, which helps in providing a pathway for young netballers an opportunity to shine' says Leah Spencer from Barastoc.


Ms Spencer said the new arrangement, would help foster continued development of the community sports program. "This is a valued partnership and holds a special place in our hearts. The Darling Downs region is synonymous with Barastoc, and one of our most popular poultry feeds is named after it!" she said.


Ms Spencer said part of Barastoc's ongoing sponsorship plan is focused on responding to the increase in backyard chicken ownership that has been experienced in the last year, and the need to continue to provide nutritious and relevant feeds that are appropriate for backyard chicken owners, to help nourish their chooks. "We really do stand by our tagline, we put the chicken before the egg. And we do this because a healthy chook produces good eggs." she said.


Barastoc is proudly owned by Ridley Corporation, the nation’s largest independent supplier of high performance animal nutrition solutions that support food producers in the poultry, dairy, aquaculture, pig, cattle, sheep, horse, lifestyle and pet food sectors.

For further information, please contact Leah Spencer, +61 436 850 889, or email at

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