Chloe Anoleck 2019 Cub

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Hi my name is Chloe Anoleck I’m 12 years old and I’m a Panther Cub. I was selected in Cubs early this year in 2019.


Watching my sister previously represent Cubs and in the Academy team made me motivated to start this journey. When it was time to trial, I was so nervous and many thoughts were going through my mind – “These girls are so good, I’m not as good as them and I was just thinking how am I possibly going to get into this.” But all my friends were there and we were all encouraging each other. Then they called the names to who made it and I was lucky enough to be one of those girls chosen.


I had made the city team ! I felt a sense of relief and the pressure lifted because I had made the selections but I knew the work was about to start.


When we started training, I knew that this was definitely for me and I learnt so much along the way. From how to pass a ball correctly to spacing on the court. My favourite highlight was being able to train really hard as well as being with such great people who love the sport of netball so much.  They inspired me and make being part of cubs so much fun. When I was selected it meant so much to me because I know there were girls that went through Cubs and are now in university netball teams, meaning that I could do that one day as well.


One of my goals is to one day make the Australian Diamonds netball team and going through Cubs means that I’m one step closer to that goal and I am on the right pathway to become a Panther. I have really enjoyed Cubs this year and I can’t wait to trial again next year because this is where I want to be.