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Coach Stower's Message to the Panthers Faithful

To All Our Panthers Fans,

At training last night, we planned the session around decision making under fatigue, and targeting specific areas that required attention. For anyone present at the game, the first quarter showed what we are capable of. It is those “one percenters” that many sports commentators talk about.....cherishing our possession of the ball, capitalising on turnovers (and there were many!) and remembering and retaining our structures that we worked on at training. Trust on court needs to keep being reinforced, by letting the ball go with specific placement of the ball. We know we are good at all these aspects, we just need to have that trust and belief in ourselves and be consistent for the 60 minutes. We have keywords to regain our focus when the opposition gains two or three in a row on us and as I coach I need to be better at utilising our time outs when we just need a minute to settle to remind ourselves of our game plan.The girls really worked at a very high rate, and as a squad were accountable for those areas in the last two games that let our performance down on court as a team.


I am still of a firm belief that we can turn this around and get working towards a top 4 finish for the season. The beauty of our Panthers squad, is that we do work hard, we are accountable for areas we know we can do better, and we look after one another and work together to iron out our on court downfalls.


They say preparation is key and if that is the case we are more than prepared to take on Thunder this Sunday. I believe we can match up player for player and utilise our rolling subs to keep legs fresh through the middle. Our fitness levels are at a required level to play the 60 minutes, THIS is the game where we will turn the table on our mental fatigue and decision making.


Panthers Supporters......I know you can all see what these girls are capable of when they hit their straps on court. We need you guys to keep the faith and trust that we will work harder than anyone else to keep the Panthers competitive, and keep the pathways open and strong for all those who aspire to wear the green and blue one day.

Head Coach

Rebecca Stower