Coach Bec Stower Talks USC Thunder

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Hi and thank you to all our Panther fans for the weekend,


Its great being able to talk to you all once again.

Our training session leading into the game was intense and specific. We had many key areas to address, but broke them down into smaller areas to target. A few of our younger girls were struggling with concepts,  so we needed to step it back to ensure they were understanding the "why" of what we trying to achieve.

All in all, a tough, positive and productive session. We were ready to rumble.

Unfortunately, our first 8 minutes were fraught with errors and misunderstandings. The whole 7 were disjointed with very poor connections. I called a time out. Score was 9-1 Thunder. We talked about refocusing on our game plan, which was very simple and specific and our strategies from training. We had 90 seconds to make a decision as a group how the rest of this game was going to unfold.

We were the masters of our own destiny. Immediately we bought the score back to 15-8 by quarter time.

The injection of Grace Taylor into GD was immediately effective. As Graces first ever game for Panthers, at 16 Years of age, she was overwhelmed,  but didn't let it show. She set straight to work, doing everything I asked of her, and the pairing with Shay Maloney was formidable.

Half time 24-23 Thunder. The girls were proud and pumped to take on the next 15 minutes. We took the bonus points for a phenomenal 6 point gain.

A few changes through the middle to provide some fresh legs were made, and we continued to go goal for goal throughout the 3rd quarter.

3rd quarter 41-39 Thunder.

The final quarter saw a change in their shooter, from a mobile unit to a holding game. It took some time to adjust, with Kalei Brighton bought back in as GK. We managed to pull back from 6 down to a final score of 54-52.

All I can say, is that as a coach I could not have been prouder of the heart and determination shown by this team. I hope they know what they are truly capable of and continue to put out this standard of netball for the remainder of the season. To be able to rotate our young rookies through the court with such impact, shows their level of commitment, preparation and high work ethic.

To have to support of our netball community is just so important,  to hear the crowd get behind the girls in those moments when they are not sure their legs can keep going, is heartwarming. Our girls are such role models to all the young ones that consistently turn up to our home games to watch their idols play at this fantastic level of netball. I thank all that come to support us from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks to you the Panthers Fans

Rebecca Stower