Standing tall, Georgia Lindsay


I am Georgia Lindsay and I was selected in the Panthers squad this year. I know it’s a difficult time right now with everything going on in the world, so I would like to share some personal things about myself and how I am coping at the moment.

I have been playing netball since I was 8, I am currently 16, it has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I started off playing in my local Saturday competition in Dalby, where my mum coached me till I was 13. When I was 12 my mum found out about the Cubs program and asked me if I wanted to trial. My immediate reaction was YES! I was involved in Cubs for 3 years and it was the best thing I could have done to improve my netball. I then decided at the age of 14 to trial for Future Panthers, which might I add was on my 15th birthday. I was lucky enough to make the squad and the selection made a very special birthday present! It was certainly one of the hardest things I have ever done, to adjust to the intense training regime was extremely difficult, but I can truly say I enjoyed every moment of it. Last year I saw how much of a family the Panthers were, they supported each other through everything and I just wanted to be apart of it all!

Last year I had one of the best netball years ever! At the start of the year my mum and I sat down and came up with 4 goals. The first goal was to make the u15 Navy Highfields state age team, the second was to make Future Panthers, the third was the Darling Downs schoolgirls team and the fourth was u16 Darling Downs Panthers for the Netball Queensland State Titles. After successfully completing my goals and my state age team coming 5th in the state, I thought I had a pretty awesome year, that’s where it takes a turn for the worst.

I remember the day like it was yesterday, November 12th, 2019. I had just come home from the gym and was feeling great, my mum sat me down and said, ‘I’ve got some news’. I had no idea what was coming, I knew she had some tests in the weeks before as she wasn’t feeling 100%, I thought to myself, is it about that? She gave me news no kid wants to hear; she was diagnosed with cancer. At this stage everything was still up in the air, we were all very unsure, one thing I can tell you was that there was a lot of crying. I was crushed. I went to school the next day and broke the news to my closest friends and we all had a cry. One of them who I had been friends with since I was a baby had known my mum her whole life and was truly shocked. This shook up everything. This made me want to train harder, focus more and make every team possible, just for her.

More time passed and she had appointments on appointments. We were told that her treatment would start in early January 2020. We made the most of the time we could before everything got hectic. I have 3 older sisters and an older brother, so we made sure to spend time with them and all 9 of my nieces and nephews and 2 step nieces.

I was still taking part in my own off-season training to get back into the season. During the time I had spoken to mum and said, ‘if it’s too hard to manage, I can drop netball for the year’, her response was a big ‘NO WAY!’ So, after that a few months had passed and I was to head along to the Panthers trials, which happened to fall on the weekend where Dalby was flooded and we couldn’t get to Toowoomba, I was freaking out and panicking the whole time. Luckily for me our Coach, Bec, had scheduled another trial date the next weekend. I was headed off to one of the hardest trials I had ever been to, unfortunately mum couldn’t make it as some complications arose and she had to be in the hospital in Toowoomba. This was the first trial I had been to that my mum couldn’t attend so when she heard the news that I got in the squad; she was ecstatic.

We came up with plans to work around my training times and her appointments, as her treatment is in Toowoomba, I knew this was going to be one of the hardest things ever. When I heard about COVID-19 and what was happening to the netball season I was devastated. I had to keep my schoolwork and fitness up, so we decided it was best for me to stay with my older sister in Dalby. She has 3 kids, so life is never boring! I have been staying here since school finished a week early last term. I think it has been about 5 weeks and to keep busy I have been training in the back yard and at the local courts, and catching up on some well needed sleep. Online schooling has also been introduced so that has kept me very busy as well.

My mum has been the biggest inspiration on my netball and has pushed me to be the best I can be. She’s had an active role as a member on the regional committee and was a coach at Dalby netball for many years. She has helped me become the player and person that I am today and I could not thank her more. From the 4 trips a week to Toowoomba, stuck in the car together, to the many tournaments and carnivals. Thank you, mum! And Thanks to everyone else for help.