7 Days In The Life Of Hannah

A Day in the Life of Hannah

Hey everyone, I’m Hannah Lacey and I play C, WA and WD for Panthers. A little bit of background information about myself: I’m from Roma, I’m 17 years old and I’m graduating school this year. This is a little inside to my week.



Monday. Everyone’s favourite day of the week. I start off the week with school at 8:30, luckily my exams and assessments are finished for the term. After I finish school at 3, I go to work until 5. I work at a flooring and furniture place which can be good because I very rarely see anyone I know, but still have to pretend I know what I’m talking about.


Tuesday is one of the longest days during my week. Again, I start off the day with going to school, only regretting getting out of bed due to having a double lesson of physics. Instead, of finishing school at 3pm, I sign out at 1:30pm and am straight into the car to head to Toowoomba for training. Once the four-hour drive is finished, straight into a challenging, sweaty training session with Bec, Kim and Caitlin. After training is finished at 8, I jump straight back into the car (stopping for food on the way) for another four-hour drive back to roma. I normally get home at 12 or 1:30am, having a shower and getting straight into bed for school the next morning.



Middle of the week. Wednesday’s is the longest day of the week, sleeping in till 7:30, getting up and going to school at 8:30. I have a double lesson of biology which I absolute love doing which makes school easier to get through. After school, I normally have Wednesday’s off from work, but they called me in meaning I had longer to wait to go to bed. After work, I have mixed netball at 6 so I quickly head home and get dressed. Now, this was the grand final and my team only had 6 players. So although there was a lot of rough play, poor calls and drop balls we ended up winning 28-18.



Again, I started with going to school, beating everyone in volleyball and then going to work. After work, I went out to the courts outside PCYC and completed by run: 10 sprints on the court up and back and up again in 15 seconds with 15 second recovery between each sprint. 3 minutes rest, repeat 4 times.

If anyone is willing to give this run a go, it’s inserted above. I recommend that everyone reading should try it, it is so much fun (not), no, but seriously, I would not be as fit as what I am today without these runs. After my run, I had some dinner and then headed out to the ladies netball final. One of the school teams and Jayde Laverty’s team was playing. It was a good game with Jayde’s team winning by 20 points at half time. After the ladies final, I went home, had a shower and went to bed.




PCYC – Gym

The final day of term 3. The day started with school. I applied to university with occupational therapy as my chosen course. After school, I went to work doing a delivery and a bit of cleaning. I then went home and got changed to complete my last session in my gym program for Panthers. Although, it is tough and it hurts I love going to the gym and working out (letting off some steam). It’s always good going and working extra hard if I’m a little bit stress or having a bad day.



Finally, the weekend has arrived, unfortunately though I must work from 9 till 2. My Saturday was pretty boring, I worked in the shops pop up shop in Woolworths, selling mattress, pillows and bed suites. After work, I locked up, grabbed some lunch from woollies and then went home.



GAME DAY. The day starts at 6am with a 5 and a half hour trip down to Brisbane state netball centre for our last game against the Carina Tigers. For me, even though I have played games for Panthers previously, I still always get a little bit nervous about playing. But I always think to myself, I’m in control of how I play and what I put out on court no one else is responsible. We got to Toowoomba and stopped to have some sushi for lunch, surprisingly finishing in 15 minutes. Once we had lunch, we got back on the road heading to Brisbane.

We arrived in Brisbane at 1pm, where I put my socks, shoes and ankle guard on waiting to head into the dressing room. In the dressing room we discussed attack, defence and team tactics for our game against the Tigers. We focussed on 1v1 defence and looking for the long option. And then it was time to warm up and start playing. The first quarter started with Kiarah and Khloe shooting, Kalei and Grace in defence, Kenny in C, Ada WA and Caity in WD with Jane, Brooke and me starting on the bench. It was a tough quarter from the first centre pass with Tigers getting a roll on, Jane and myself were subbed in at WA and WD. I played the first and second quarter in WD trying to slow the play and my player down. I then came off and went back in as WA, getting out for every centre pass and feeding into the circle. I then came off during the third quarter and came back on in C. Once into the final quarter I started on the bench then came back on with 8 minutes to go into WD. It was a tough and gruelling game from the start with the Tigers putting up a good and consistent fight but one thing I have learnt playing with the Panthers is that we are a team, a unit that falls and fights together.

That’s a little insight to my normal week, filled with netball, travel and training but all the travelling and training have been worthwhile. I was able to meet an amazing bunch of girls, play at a higher level than what I can out at home and be trained by an excellent coach.


“It is not how good you are; it is how good you want to be”