Jasmine Mulheran a true Cub

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In 2017 I started to put a real focus on improving my netball and stopped playing touch football. I was lucky enough to be part of some great netball teams with passionate coaches who have really help develop my game.


In 2018/19 I was selected in the Darling Downs Cubs program. I have really enjoyed my time in the program. I received further development from a range of other talented coaches and Panthers players.


The position specific training has been most helpful for me as a defender. The sessions have lots of variety and highlighted areas that I could work on outside of the normal training sessions, like Netball specific strength and fitness.


I really like to get together with other motivated Netballers who are looking to improve their skills. It is good to learn from your peers, some older players as well as help out the younger ones who are new to the Cubs.


I had my best year last year and am really looking forward to 2020. I don’t know where my Netball will take me but for now, I am happy to enjoy the ride. Looking to develop and improve and most of all have fun with some great mates. The cubs program has been really beneficial and I would recommend the program for every young netballer.