Lilly Weier. Kingaroy and Proud


Hi I’m Lilly Weier, I’ve always loved Netball, loved to play it loved to watch it. I’ve always wanted to play for the Firebirds! I had the opportunity to participate in several Firebird clinics and many netball run clinics around the place.


That’s where I found out about Cubs and Panthers and of course Mia Stower! So I asked mum if I could go and she explained that I would have to trial for it and if it’s what I really wanted to do then she would register me, the first time in 2017. I was so nervous! I remember Bec Stower telling us to try our best and that if we didn’t make it then that was ok, never give up.


Well I made it in 2017, into Cubs City, I was shocked but also so excited and nervous! Well I broke wrist before the first training session, but Bec Stower wouldn’t let that stop me. She was able to use my mishap (broken wrist) as an opportunity to improve my shooting technique to one handed! So when the opportunity came around again in 2018, I wanted to trial again.


Before trialling I took fitness sessions to help to improve my strength and endurance to be ready for the trials. I was successful in making it into Cubs City for the second time. So glad I did because that’s when Kim and her outstanding fitness sessions started! Jodi with defence sessions, Nat with move those feet faster, Bell’s strong focus on passing. Gary’s strong focus on drives. Last of all there was Bec she’s everything rolled into one but most of all she helped me with my mindset, to be able to block out what others would say and to make what I’ve wanted to come true.


So, 2019 rolled round I put into practice everything I had been taught the year before and had another shot at trialling, I was selected again into Cubs City. Every year the butterfly’s fly in my stomach before trialling and while playing, the nervousness never goes away. I knew this year was going to be harder then the years before and had to give it 100% to show I was here to improve in every way possible.


Over this year and the years before I have met some amazing talented girls that I am proud to call my friends. I’m proud to wear the Cubs singlet and colours, because of how much every coach has put into my success as a player. My aim is to go further with Darling Downs Netball. I’d like to become a Future Panther and one day play as a Panther and wear the dress with pride.


The training sessions blow my mind and still do. We get taught not only about skills, drills and game plays, we also get taught how to look after our bodies and our minds. We get taught to play as a team to accept one another and work together. These things have really  not only made me a better Netball player but also a better person. Which is why I am absolutely thankful for being able to experience what I have so far in my journey.