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As part of our community engagement and netball development strategy, the Darling Downs Netball Association runs a number of competitions. The primary three are the HART Sport Interdistrict Netball Championship, The Darling Downs Netball League (New QPL) and previously the Meg Englart Cup.

Whilst the first two are known to most people, the third (Meg Englart) in 2021 has been repurposed. Previously Meg Englart was our QPL competition, this is no more. The competition is now open to interested teams wanting to both develop and grow their players experience and knowledge of the game.

In 2021 Meg Englart will be known as the Meg Englart Blitz. A ten week program inclusive of finals competition. It will be open to associations, clubs and composite teams who wish to develop sides for Interdistrict, State Age or their local competition.

It will be held indoors in Toowoomba and all umpires are paid for by Darling Downs Netball Association (DDNA). Teams can choose their own on court attire as long as it complies with player and clothing safety standards. So traditional dresses are optional. The competition is open to 14 -18 year olds (older players by written exemption)

The cost per team is $600. This cost was based on a standard ten person team or $60 per player. Players will need to be registered with Netball Queensland, so this expense may also apply to some individuals.

We believe these costs that include an indoor venue, umpires and a high level of competition offers excellent value to any interested teams. Also given uniforms are optional, teams can further reduce their outlay and use existing uniforms they may already have or none at all.

This competition has one key difference, teams will be ranked on skill and ability not age. We want every team to grow and develop. We believe the best way to ensure this is by placing teams by skill level as opposed to age. Every team will be challenged week in week out. In cases where we believe player safety becomes an issue, some teams will be held within a certain division regardless. This is to ensure player welfare, which will always be our primary concern.

How to communicate to interested teams in your associations, club or friends

2021 will welcome a new iteration of the Meg Englart competition, the Meg Englart Blitz. This competition is no longer the QPL competition and it is open to associations, clubs or composite teams who want to take part in a competitive environment and develop their netball skills. This is ideal for Interdistrict sides looking for more match play, state age teams or top club sides wanting to enhance their player’s experience. We also encourage smaller rural areas to look at composite sides so their players can take part. The competition will be skill based, meaning teams will be graded on ability instead of age. This is to ensure all players get the best possible game experience. All umpires are provided for. Team wear must be consistent but is at the discretion of each team.  In short, dresses are not compulsory. If you want to get ahead in netball or simply be the best team you can be this is a great first step. Welcome to the Blitz.


Competition Details

Nominations Open: 17/3/2021
Nominations Close: 07/04/2021

Age Range: 14 – 18 (older players by written exemption)
Competition Type: Weekly

Competition Start Date: 23rd April 2021

Total Regular Season: 8 Weeks
Final Series: Two Weeks

School Term Alignment: Term 2 Monday 19th April –Friday 25th June
Public Holiday Conflicts: Nil

For further enquiries please contact It is important to note the replacement to the QPL competition is the Darling Downs Netball League and not the Meg Englart Blitz. This competition is a weekly development league for interested teams.

To register please use the following link via try booking




Why is there no Opens competition?

Toowoomba has a current Opens competition run by Toowoomba Netball Association on a Wednesday night. We do not believe offering a second competition would be good for netball and just dilute the existing competition base.

Why are Clubs included in 2021?

We wanted clubs to be able to compete and have the opportunity to play against the region’s top sides. In doing so building both their teamwork, technique and knowledge of the game. We hope they will take back this experience to their location competition and benefit from the match play in the Blitz.

Why can people make up composite sides?

We have had a flood of enquiries from rural and country players about playing on a Friday night. This option allows players from a similar area to link up and get great match play and experience whilst not relying on their local club or association to get a side together.

State Age and Interdistrict Sides?

We wanted to provide an opportunity for the regions sides to have weekly competition to prepare themselves for these competitions. Some Associations are considering taking the first step back into the State Age competition. This was specifically designed to build their confidence and team work. The same applies for Interdistrict sides that are looking for the next level of competition or need time to gel as a team.

Why skill based as opposed to age?

To learn and develop in any sport you need to have sides of similar abilities competing. Winning or losing with daylight in between does nothing for either team’s development. Players may be separated by a few years but relative netball skills and knowledge may place them on a similar level. The only determining factor will be player safety and welfare. Each side will be assessed independently prior to placement into the competition.

So this is QPL?

Simply put no. This is just an eight indoor week competition plus finals open to teams that want to improve their netball. No uniforms, umpires provided and a great indoor venue to keep players out of the elements.

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