Coach Stowers honest assessment on the Tigers clash 


As I sat reflecting on the game verse the Carina Leagues Club Tigers, I felt we were outclassed by a well drilled team.  With very experienced players in key areas of the court. However, when I look at the statistics of the game, it paints a very different picture that is just not acceptable and very disappointing. I’m not going to make excuses.


We need to be accountable.


Centre pass conversion 48% is not acceptable.

We had 40 unforced errors.


Let that sink in.

22 missed goals, with only 3 rebounds.

Defensively we are putting in a fantastic effort and doing the work (33 tips, rebounds, intercepts), but our unforced errors and lack of conversion at the post are killing us.


Where do we go from here?


We take a breath, we enjoy our bye and round off, but we hit the court plugging away at our basics and decision making under fatigue, our unit work and our mindset that we are enough.


As a coach, I will be better prepared in Round 2 in matching up against teams, now that I have foresight in team line ups and patterns of play.


Onwards and upwards.