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Pre-season training behind the scenes

Darling Downs Panthers Pre-season Training

Well welcome to the Panthers Insider Blog. We will be your sneak peak inside into what is happening with the Darling Downs Panthers throughout the season. So we thought we would start out by looking at the pre-season form. If exhaustion defines effort then our players are looking good for 2019. Every player is putting everything they have on court and leaving nothing behind. Pre-season is always painful the coaching team are pushing the players hard. Its evident as you see the players draw those deep gasps after the HIT sessions and in every step there is purpose and intent. Though this is the sacrifice every player must make to wear the Panthers colours. We could single out players but at this stage its not about individuals its about the team. You can see that team focus as they push each other, cheer on that player that struggles on that last sprint to the line. I guess that's the Panthers pride, its not about you its about the team. Its about giving everything you got and then when your ready to collapse going one last time with your team mates and not letting fatigue, cramp or pain stand in your way.

Some people may comment on female sport but when you are confronted by the intensity and the drive these players have you know they are athletes. This generation of Panthers as past are the inspiration to our younger players in the region. Setting a bench mark, showing a pathway to the next level in Netball.

The squad is gelling well and you can see the combinations starting to come together, each hour on the court the ball moves more effortlessly. The pace quickens and the reactions hone into this faster and more intense level of Netball. Its not easy, nor should becoming a Panther ever be. These players put countless hours in training behind the scenes just to make the squad and countless more if they make the team. Its really the culmination of everything they have learned since the under 6's.

We are proud of them, every bump, bruise and ache they endure make them part of a proud tradition that is the Darling Downs Panthers.

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