Shay Maloney Speaks On Road Trip

Air Bourne_00001.jpg

I always look forward to away games, I get 2 hours of dedicated podcast and music time and once I step out of that car, I am PUMPED UP!!

On Saturday I went in and saw our good friends at ASN and was armed with some amazing supplements going into today’s game too. I am very new to the supplement world but all the staff at ASN are super friendly and helped me with recommendations of products that best suit me (the new vegan protein is DELICIOUS).

My prep today started with packing my VW Golf with my netty gear, popping on some beats and heading East to the big smoke, Brisbane. I was particularly excited for this first Pathers away game because I haven’t played at the new state netball centre before and I had heard good things about it, it did not disappoint.

My goals for this game were to increase my talk, better boxing out position and get more rebounds. We had a strong start keeping the margin to 4 goals at 1/4 time. There were heaps of strong takes in the air and good fight for the ball in contests but unfortunately tonight wasn’t our night and Jets were the better team on this occasion. A number of unforced errors and lack of consistency through 4 quarters were out downfalls. I think everyone will go home tonight and reflect on the game in their own way, for me it’s important to remember on nights like this why I love the game and replay the game in my mind doing some self analysis because I know I can be better and we as a team can be better.

All I can say is.. bring on training Thursday