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Good Morning All,


I hope you all find yourselves recovering from this unseasonal weather and that as best it can be, hope you were spared the worst of the recent deluge.


This extreme weather has posed some significant issues for the HART Sport Darling Downs Interdistrict Netball Championships.


Warwick itself has sustained damage as have families and homes not only in Warwick but in other areas in our region.


I have looked at all the available information and tried to come up with a strategy of moving forward with our schedule. I know from the outset this will not please everyone but I hope that even if the decision does not make you happy you can understand the underlying rational in its purpose.


Last night I received phone calls about accommodation cancelations and families who would not be able to attend as their property had sustained damage. The spirit of this carnival is about bringing regional and rural netball together and celebrating what it means to be part of the country netball family.  This means a lot to me especially given we all share a common bond and is the foundation of everything DDNA tries to achieve.


We have many smaller community roads heavily damaged and at this stage the long-range forecast has more rain this week, over Friday and across the weekend. I know some will say forecasts are no good, but again understand I have to allow for associations travelling many miles and also have money invested in buses and accommodation, so last-minute cancellations are not viable.


My considerations also had to include Warwick and others effected. Whilst netball for most of us is a way of life the value of family and community underpins us. I felt it most appropriate to give people time and space to address these most important aspects of their life.


So, the decision has been made to reschedule the Warwick Interdistrict Carnival to the 21st of August, the original Grand Final date.


To minimise logistics for everyone the schedule changes will be kept to a minimum. Warwick will now move to the original Grand Final Day that was to be held in Toowoomba, Grand Final Day will be moved accordingly. This means that Laidley will now lead us off on the 12th of June. Toowoomba Grand Final Date will be confirmed shortly after consultation with TNA.


My thoughts go out to everyone effected by this event.  We will return to Warwick and in doing so will be able to celebrate not only the vital role they play in our community but also theirs and our greater communities' resilience to such events.

Kind Regards


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